Fall Chore Chart

The kids had a break from their chore charts this summer. They still had to do things around the house but we didn't use a chart. Anyway, this is their new fall chart. I made this template on Excel and every so often I change the colors and content of the chart. I really like it this way because I can customize it to their ages, abilities, and shortcomings. For example...one of Rachel's responsibilities is to "be polite", say hi, don't just put your head down and ignore people, etc... I am sure most of you know that Rachel is extremely shy and we are not sure how to change that. Well it seems to be working already, she has been talking to people for the last few days. James on the other hand has trouble concentrating at school and doing his work. When he brings homework home it always seems like a battle to get him to concentrate. Therefore, one of his responsibilities is to get all of his work done at school. I am really hoping that this will motivate him. The chart is broken up into chores, bible memory verses and responsibilities that go along with them, and commission (what they earn according to what they have done for the week). I have the chart laminated and put magnetic strips on the back to hang it on the fridge. A dry erase marker with a magnet on the back is hung next to it and the kids just mark off the chores when they are done.

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tani said...

That's really cool Bridgett. Hope you're doing good and hanging in there.