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We have a couple of other pics, but they are not very clear. I also thought it would be a bit crude to show the one comfirming that he is a boy. During the ultrasound while going around his bottom area, I saw right away that he was a boy. We asked the technician before hand to let us guess before telling us the gender. It was really kind of cool.
So anyway, James is excited about having a brother. Rachel had said that she wanted it to be a girl. I wasn't really worried about disappointing her because I thought she was too young to really care. She was in a really bad mood all of yesterday. First thing in the morning she said that she did not want the baby to be a boy. After that she was walking around the house with a pencil. Then I noticed that she had written X's all around the house. On the wall, refridgerator, stove, counter, etc. When I asked her why she did that, she said, "because I don't like the baby." I guess she was disappointed after all.


tani said...

Wow. That does surprise me that she is so adamant against a boy. You would think she would say she wanted a girl just because that's what all little girls say, but then come to terms with it being a boy.
Congratulations. I'm happy for James and the rest of you.

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