Foot Surgery

Ok so this thursday I went in for a very minor procedure on my foot. I went in thinking that I would be springing back onto my feet the same day or possibly the next day. HA!! Here it is saturday and I am barely getting around. Thursday night my foot was in exruciating pain even with the Tylenol 3 that they gave me. You don't realize just how useful a foot is until you can't use it. James has been so good about helping me around the house when Jim was at work. Anyway, on friday I must have had a bad reaction to the codeine in the Tylenol because I started throwing up and felt like death warmed over. So now it is Saturday and I am feeling much better. WARNING: Don't click on the link below if you can't handle gross pictures. There are a couple of pictures of my foot wounds. But it's like Jordan said, if you say that it's gross everyone will probably click on it.

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Venessa said...

Wow - what did you have done - it doesn't look so pretty! ( : Hopefully it will be healing soon. That's in a tough place for walking or doing much of anything with that foot! How are you feeling with your pregnancy? Hope everything is going well. I have seen on FB that you aren't always feeling too well - hopefully that passes soon. How far along are you?

Melissa said...

That does not look that minor. Its a pretty big. I cant imagine what it feels like to even try to walk. Hope it heals quick. No pun intended.