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I have started this week with a determination to do things better! It would really be great if you would mention me in your prayers. Thanks!

My poor husband hasn't been feeling good recently. But even so, we had a good weekend. He has an exciting story, but since he doesn't blog, I will share it for him. For those of you who are taking the FPU class, it's old news. Last week's class was about how to get a bargain. Jim has been looking at weed trimmers but the good ones didn't fit in our budget at this time. Well he went to Home Depot this weekend and he had about $100 or so in the budget for home repair. Anyway, he decided to saunter past the weed trimmmers, just to take a quick look. And lo and behold, there was a nice one reduced from $219 to $129. The reason stated because it was reconditioned. He looked it over and determined that it was brand new, but the switch was broken. After talking to a few employees he learned that they had sent it out to get fixed and it came back still broken. After using a few of the techniques taught in FPU, he was able to get the weed trimmer for $70 with a full 5 year warrenty which would cover the broken switch. He was very excited and I am proud of him.

More exciting news from Sunday. Ben had brought a friend to church a few times and she had expressed interest in being baptized. Ben's parents and my dad studied with her yesterday and she was baptized last night at 9:30. The FPU class was at 5 and we just hung around until 9:30. It was well worth the wait.

Here are my deals for this weekend.

Price Chopper before $91, after $36, plus I earned a $3 off the next order and a free gallon of milk.

CVS before $41, after $1.25, plus I earned more EB's than I spent.

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Christine said...

Good job, Jim. How exciting!