Last week

Last week was so nice that we spent most of the days outside. I got quite a bit of yardwork done, and there is sooo much more to do. It seems that our back yard is made up of rocks, weeds, and a little bit of dirt on the top. Jim is going to be renting a backhoe at some point to clear things out. But in the meantime I am doing it very slowly by hand. And I do mean by hand because my wheelbarrow broke after the first day. Rachel was very anxious to plant some flowers, so we planted some marigolds around the mailbox. They are not my favorite flowers, but there wasn't much out yet. We also got some vegetable seeds to try a very small garden this year.

I had an awesome shopping trip this weekend. Price Chopper and CVS combined....$120 worth of stuff for $19. Most of which was groceries, but I did get a few things to sell as well.

I had a fun time time teaching ladies class on sunday. Teaching is something that I have never been interested in until the last couple of years. I have always liked writing and studying, but not so much the speaking part. Well after doing a couple of classes, I have found that I actually enjoy it.

Sorry about the lack of picture on the blog recently. I haven't gotten around to taking many pictures.

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