The last few days

Thursday - The weather was very nice on thursday. I ended up doing some spring cleaning, a bunch of yard work, and cleaning out the van.

Friday - The weather was still pretty nice on friday but I really had to get some things done inside for sunday's "easter" lunch. We started out in the morning walking about 2 miles to a yard sale that didn't happen until saturday. Oh well, it was a nice walk. I got my inside work done early and we were still able to play outside for a couple of hours. In the evening I had a great date with an awesome husband. Jordan and Danielle watched the kids for us.

Saturday - We once again walked to the yard sale, this time on the right day. It was a bit chilly and Julia fell asleep on the way home. I went grocery shopping after that and got some awesome deals. Price Chopper total before savings $134.33, after savings I paid $50.10. And to make it a bit sweeter, I also earned a $20 off my next order coupon. OH YEAH! Saturday evening was spent putting kids to bed, picking up, and cooking.

Sunday - Easter lunch at our house with about 13 people. It was a nice amount of people, full but not stuffed into the house. We ended up cancelling the Dave Ramsey class in the evening because there was only 3 couples there when we started. About 3 more couples ended up coming much later, but we had already decided to cancel. We had a nice time visiting with Chris and Sarah after everyone left.

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