Saturday Savings

Sorry to disappoint you Stephanie, but I didn't get many great deals this week.

Price Chopper
Before $80
After $37
Not a great shopping trip, but I was excited to get 6lbs of ground round for 1.99 per lb. They have some great deals this coming week though.

Before $27.24
After $2.50

Didn't even go this week because they didn't have anything interesting.

During the FPU class last night, Kaleb told a news story about a lady getting kicked out of a store for using too many coupons. Thanks everyone for wondering if it was me!

Before $40
After $6.19
Ok so I cheated a little bit with this one. We needed pillows and they had a b1g1 sale at Sears. I also know that they are running a campaign in which you get $15 off your first order when you sign up for a sears, ehem, credit card. Yes I did it, I signed up for a credit card to save $15. BUT WAIT, don't condemn me yet. I promptly paid it off right then and am cutting it up as soon as it comes in. Debt Free and lovin' it, yay!


Steph said...

I still think you should teach a class on couponing, CVSing, etc. Dave Ramsey would hire you in a snap! :O)

Bridgett said...

lol, then we can all run the risk of getting kicked out of stores for "excessive" coupon usage.

Steph said...

We'll just tell them to "Bring it on!" hee hee