A nice weekend

We enjoyed the weekend together as a family. I am so thankful that Jim has weekends off so that we can spend that time together. Saturday started out with pancakes and "real" maple syrup. I make breakfast on saturdays, Jim initiated that because it seems to start the day out nicely. All other days it's toast for breakfast. The kids really like the real maple syrup so I suggested that we tap our maple tree to get some sap this year. I have no idea what one tree might produce, I just thought the process would be fun. Anyway, we went to the home depot workshop this month and the kids made these racetracks.

I made new chore charts for the kids because their old chore routine was getting a little boring. I basically used the old template and just changed the colors, bible verses, and chores. It only costs about $3 to get it laminated and for the magnetic strips so I will probably make a new one every couple of months for a year or so. Oh I HAVE to tell this story...I was out shopping with the kids on friday. We were at FYE because I had a good coupon for a used DVD. James saw this toy and thought it was cool. Then after looking at it a little longer, he declared, "wow, $16, that would be a BIG waste of money when I am saving up to buy my bike." I am so glad that the kids are learning something with this system.

After going to home depot we went for a walk on the boardwalk through the swamps in our town. It was fun and refreshing but didn't see much swamp-life as the water was still frozen. We had planned on taking a hike on the trails near our house but it got too late after the kids naps. We did end up doing our first grill-out of the season even though it was dark and raining. I think we are in a hurry for spring to arrive!

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Abbi said...

We went to home Depot to make racetracks too. It was rather crazy as Ken was working and I took the kids by myself and when we got there (At 10:30 and it went from 10-1)there were probably 50 kids there plus their parents. All the tables were filled and there were groups all over sitting on the floor. We managed to make 4 race tracks anyway but I told Ken that was the last time I tried that by myself! The kids are enjoying the tracks though and the girls are giving theirs away as gifts to their cousins.