My 911 call

It appears that I alarmed some people on facebook by saying that I had to call 911. Sorry about that, I should have included an explanation. There is an explanation on FB now. I have only called 911 one other time when my water broke early and the transmission gave out on the way to the hospital. So anyway, it isn't an often occurrence and that is why I put it on facebook. For all of the non-facebook users, here's the story. I was going shopping by myself and drove past what looked like a man lying on a driveway. So I turned around and sure enough it was a man and he wasn't moving. I got out of the van and called out to him to see if he was ok. When I got no response I went closer to see if I could help. It was then that I noticed he was cradling a rifle with the barrel against his cheek. Yikes! I was out of there at that point. I went home and promptly called 911. The End!


Venessa said...

I hope everything was ok -but I did have to chuckle when I got to the end of your story... ( :

Abbi said...

Weren't you terribly curious about what happened?
That would not have been a fun situation! I am glad nothing happened while you were there anyway.