Jim gave this to me

Just thought I would share this because it's kinda humorous. As you have probably read before, we have been following Dave Ramsey's financial plan. This weekend we decided to include some income in our budget that we have just been using as a buffer in case we overspent. In a nutshell, we will get more cash to spend but CANNOT use the debit card for anything other than what has been planned. It is not really a problem because I don't really use the debit card that much anyway. It just gave me a laugh when Jim gave me this debit card sleeve for my wallet. I know after reading this you may find this kind of plan a bit strict, but I absolutely LOVE it. It relieves alot of stress to know that you haven't just spent money that was needed for bills and such. It doesn't feel like we "can't" afford to buy something, it feels like we are "choosing" not to buy something. When we decide that we really want or need something, it gets put in the budget. We may have to wait a month or two but it is sooo worth it. Can you tell that I am total sold on this program? lol

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Abbi said...

We are hoping to do that at church soon but haven't started yet.
I am hoping that Ken is willing to try the program. I would really love to try to pay off our house early but I'm not sure he'll go for it.