We were looking forward to this past weekend. Jim had monday off and we were going to leave the kids with the grandparents and go to lunch and shopping. Well, James came down with the stomach flu on saturday morning. So basically we stayed in the house for most of the weekend. I went to church with the girls sunday morning. Jim went to church sunday night so he could lead the financial class. James was very sick until this morning. He could not keep anything down, even water. We were hoping to do something on monday, but he was still sick. I started feeling kind of sick monday morning. I took Rachel out shopping and to lunch. While we were waiting for our lunch I started to get really sick so we had to leave. I wasn't sure if I could make it home, but I did. I felt bad for poor Rachel because she was excited to be having lunch out with me. A lady gave her this purple unicorn while we were sitting in the resturant. The lady won it from the claw machine. Rachel named her stinger. Anyway, Rachel didn't take leaving the resturant too badly.

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