New Year's Eve

Jim and Jordan

Apparently something was very funny

James and Rachel went home with my parents at 10pm. We kept Julia but she fell asleep at about 9:30.

These next pictures are self portraits. Jim had to show us how straight he could do it, and he did do a pretty good job. I cartooned his face in case you are wondering. Then I couldn't change it back.

Michael seems to have grown a bump on his head but actually it is just his nub.

I am sorry Danielle, but yours was one of the first that I edited and I gave you this fisheye face. Then I tried to change it back and I couldn't. You still look good though.

Jordan, I am not sorry for this one because you made the face yourself.

This is me a couple of days ago because I didn't like the one I took at the party. No fair, I know.

Poor Renee was the last to go so everyone jumped into her picture.

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