Winter fun and more

This is fun! It would probably be more fun if she could see where she was going

Jim using his new snow blower

They are happy that they finally have some snow to play in

Sledding down our hill

Oops, Julia fell off while being pulled up the hill. Notice James tries to help her and I take a picture.

Ice on the trees

James pulling the girls

James got tired, so I pulled them for a while

Julia up on James' top bunk. Jim took the rails off her crib this weekend and she seems to be fine with it. We will be switching the bunk beds to the girls room soon.

James was talking to Grandpa Cauley on the phone and Julia is copying him

Giving Rachel a piggy-back ride


Venessa said...

No fair!! We want snow too! ( : We got the ice and lost power for 1 day but no snow. I love the pic of Julia looking through the rails - too cute!

Katie said...

Strong kid Rachel isn't that much smaller then he is! Our kids are dying for snow too!