The weekend

I admit that I have been in a bad mood this weekend. And while there should not be any excuse for it, here is my excuse. =) I had some work done on my foot on friday that caused some large blisters on the bottom of my foot. It frustrates me to sit around when there are things to be done. I decided to brave the snow storm and painful foot to go to CVS on saturday evening. WELL, much to my irritation, they accused me of photocopying coupons and refused to take them. So my trip was wasted and I came away with nothing. To say the least I was not happy because I have never photocopied coupons and I always abide by the coupon rules. I guess that they have had some trouble with people photocopying coupons so I do understand their situation. But to just come out and say that I photocopied my coupons was unnecessary. I am so glad for my wonderful husband who just smiles and asks how he can help instead of telling me to quit being so grumpy like I deserve. On saturday he cleaned up the kitchen for me because I could not stand on my foot. Rachel came downstairs and asked him what he was doing. He said, "I am cleaning up the kitchen", she said, "you can't do that", he said, "why not", she said, "because that is the wife's job". I thought that was pretty funny.
At Danielle's house for the cookie exchange
Jim and Rachel sliding at the church building
James and Rachel goofing around
After the first big snow fall. I think we must have gotten close to 2 ft of snow after all was said and done.

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