I am finally DONE!

Yikes, I don't want to look at another coupon for a while. Because of my prospective business venture, I have had to enter 600 coupons into a database. Well it's done until another batch comes out, but it won't be nearly as many. Here is the story behind these pictures...This is my new coupon organizer, and yes it is as big as a briefcase, and I will need more than one of these. So anyway, Jim and I were joking around about me bringing this into stores with me. You can't tell in the picture so much, but when you flip this thing open it REALLY expands. When we were done joking around Jim says, "seriously, you are not really going to bring that thing into stores are you?" He even sounded kind of embarrassed for me. But I assured him that I will not be bringing this shopping with me. The whole exchange was just funny.

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