An angel on our deck

Rachel wanted to go out in the snow (all 1/2" that we got) so I let her play on the deck. I guess there was enough to make a snow angel. Jim is actually anxious to get some snow so he can use his new snowblower. He and the kids made a ramp down in the basement last night so he can just roll it in and out easily. I on the other hand am not as thrilled about getting snow.
James will be having his birthday party on saturday. He wanted to have a kids party this time, and we decided it would be ok because he has never really had a large party before. It is hard to believe that 7 years have gone by so fast. But then again that is not really news to anyone.
(Free stuff from CVS) Boring I know, but I don't have any other new pics. I have been in a blah kind of mood and haven't felt like taking pictures.


Venessa said...

Hello-- I do hope you are in better spirits soon! I miss your blog - even tho I don't comment often I do read it faithfully! ( : No fair that you have had some snow... we're still waiting. We had a nice time with Jordan and Danielle - although some of us including me ended up sick. Yuck! It was good to see them anyway - just hope they don't get sick too.

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?
Have a happy night.
Thinking of you,

Katie said...

we did that too, we made a snowman using all the snow we could gather up together off the deck at mom and dad's. He was like a 10 inches tall. haha