Would you pay for this service?

The service would include a shopping list for local store, relevent coupons, & at least 4 meal ideas in which the main ingredient is highlighted and included on shopping list. I might also include coupon inserts from current newspaper.

The purpose of the service is to provide a way for anyone to save money on groceries. This way you don't have to spend the time learning, researching, clipping, organizing, etc... Anyway, would you buy this service, and how much would you pay for each week's package? Shopping with the provided list and coupons should save $20 to $60 per week.

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Travis said...

If you were going to save 100 dollars a month then I would say 50 dollars. But you said earlier that you spent 1.5 - 2 hours a week(I think) and figured you were "earning" 33 dollars an hour. You could bill based on how much time it took you. I would pay for this service.