The vaseline saga

Ok so I should have put the vaseline out of reach after the first hair incident. Unfortunately this time she put a whole lot in her hair. I tried washing it four times with dish soap but it did not remove any of it. Today we tried cornstarch then shampooing with hand soap (we did this twice) then baking soda and soap after that. Alot of it did come out but it is definately still greasy.
This is James getting his graduation certificate from Starbase. It is a neat program that the school participated in this year.


Katie said...

Oh yes! Adele got in the desitin once, I had it in a bucket instead of a tube making it nice, and easy to dig both hands into it. She emerged with a white beard and desitin up to her elbows. We had white hand prints all over the house about a foot and a half high! Love the baking soda!

Abbi said...

That looks like a mess!! :-)

Venessa said...

Gotta love it!! We have had desitin rubbed from the chest down and a large patch on the carpet. We didn't think about it but put him in the tub - desitin is water resistant so didn't come off except enough to make all the tub toys greasy with a desitin residue!! So good that you got pictures!! No problem with dry scalp or hair for her! ( :