Taking notes in church

James as you probably know is 6 going on 7. We have been having him take some notes during church so that he pays more attention to what is being taught. I have told him that he may also draw pictures that pertain to the lesson. Well anyway, he came up to me yesterday and showed me his notes for the sermon. As you can see, he drew a keyboard and monitor so that he could pretend that he was tying his notes. I thought that was funny and creative even though I'm sure he spent more time on making his keyboard than he did taking notes.

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Julia Frid said...


I too am working with my husband, trying to make people understand the importance of taking notes. We have created a little book that is to help with that very idea.

We also plan on having a children's version for 2011. Take a peak and it's great to know that there are others out there who feel the same.