Hello Again

I haven't felt much like blogging recently but I did want to share my most recent CVS deals. These deals were extremely complicated and I did pay some $$ out of pocket because I had to re-work the deals at the store and I did not do them right. But in the end it was quite profitable. Here is what I got....

2 glade candles
2 glade oil holders
3 listerine mouthwash
1 gal. milk
2 complete contact solution
1 bodywash
2 maybelline mineral foundation
2 AA batteries 8 pk
1 AA batteries 4 pk
1 AAA batteries 8 pk
3 9V batteries
2 AAA batteries 4 pk
1 C batteries 2pk
1 D batteries 2 pk
1 memory foam pillow (I slept so much better than normal with this pillow)

Total price (after sales, before coupons) $108.91

Total cash paid $23.77
Total ecb's paid $27
Total ecb's earned $73

ECB profit $46
Total profit $22

Some women from church went out to breakfast on sunday. I brought a bunch of my cvs stuff to do a "yankee swap/white elephant/rob your neighbour" gift game. The guys have a regular men's breakfast so we wanted to try it too and everyone enjoyed themselves. I was interested to see what the girls were wearing when I got back home before church. He let Rachel pick out her clothes which consisted of a denim jumper with red trim and a pink shirt. Julia was still in her pajamas. I was impressed though because they were all awake, had eaten toast and had their teeth brushed. =) It was kind of him to take care of them so I could do something different.

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Katie said...

Isn't that nice? That almost makes going out to breakfast more fun. And maybe I am picturing Rachels outfit wrong in my head, but it sounds like she didn't do to bad.