Pics from Jim's phone camera (2006-2008)

Grandpa and Rachel

Autumn and Kaylona

Julia with her cute bald head

Our 1st geo-cache find

James' collage

Rachel in an army helicopter

James in an army helicopter

Rachel and noodles

Tired Out

James and Rachel

The finish of a dance that they were doing

Kids singing up front in church, Julia keeping time with her foot (that's what it looks like anyway)

Julia sleeping during church

Jim, Rachel, and Julia in army helicopter

The family in a firetruck

Julia driving

Julia sleeping during our geo-cache

Rachel playing in the tall grass while James and Jim hunt for geo-cache

On a very hot and dry day, the girls find the only mud puddle


Hoof Hearted said...

looks like a fun weekend

Bridgett said...

these pictures represent many weekends between 2006 and 2008. We use Jim's phone whenever we forget our camera