Here is why I spend time couponing and love it!

Most people that I talk to about couponing give the same response, "I would love to save money but I just don't have the time." Here are some numbers about the average grocery budget for a family of five. A moderate grocery plan per week costs on average $213 per week!! That seems kind of high to me even without coupons. But I will use that number because I include ALL (food,diapers, wipes, clothing, cleaning, health and beauty, friday night pizza, etc.) household expenses in my weekly allowance of $80.

Average food spending per week $213
Our household spending per week $80
Difference $133 per week!!

So instead of Jim working extra hours or another job to make more (taxable) income to spend on groceries, I will spend 1 or 2 hours at home per week in order to save that money. I am not sure where else I could make $66 per hour but I'm sure that it would not be half as enjoyable. Hmmm..I wonder why you never hear, "I don't have time to go to work today." =)


Melissa said...

Great post!!! The end gave me a good laugh.

Hpor you are having a good start to your week!! :)

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