CVS & Julia the talker

I will be making 2 cvs trips this week since I am waiting for some coupons to arrive. Here is what I got last night.

9 pkg. baby wipes
1 toothbrush
1 Welchs grape juice
2 pkg candy
1 powerade
Total Cost $42.00

Total Paid $4.00

I couldn't quite get everything free this time, but I was very glad for the wipes deal. I gave the powerade and candy corn to Jim to bring to work since nobody here will eat them. Of course then he asked me why I got them. My famous answer was, "Because they paid me to buy them." He must know this by now, but he still likes to tease me.

Julia is talking quite a bit now. She will repeat most words and she has a very large vocabulary on her own. Some of it is hard to understand still, but some is pretty clear. For instance this morning, I picked her up and was wiggling her around and being silly with her. When I put her down she said very clearly, "don't do that." It shocked me because it was so clear and was also not the most polite thing to say. The problem is that I still think of her as a baby so it is pretty surprising when I realise that she has a mind of her own.

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