An awesome deal

UPDATE! Well it seems that it didn't work as well as I had thought. Apparently you cannot combine offers so I will not be receiving the part of the order that was free. It is still a good deal though because I will be receiving about 2lbs of meat for 1.98.

Below is a post from I just wanted to let people know that it worked for me. We are getting 5.5 lbs of ground steak for $1.98!!


Omaha Steaks: Ground steak for $0.36 per pound!
I saw mention of this deal on some blogs yesterday but I didn't take close note until Catherine detailed out just how good it is. Go here to read how you can get ground steak from Omaha Steaks delivered to your door for $0.36/pound. It just doesn't get much better than that, does it?


Judy Merrill said...

Hey I just found this and am so proud of one of my favorite neices. Where do you find all the coupons?

Bridgett said...

Thanks, it's good to hear from one of my favorite aunts. I get my coupons from: Sunday paper, Ebay, The coupon clippers, and online printables.