Over the weekend

We got a few mundane tasks done on saturday but didn't do much else. Sunday we went to a picnic for the opening of a hiking trail in our town. Blaire, Andrew, and Aiden showed up and we had a nice time visiting with them. It is a very nice walking trail that the kids and I will surely enjoy. Part of it is paved and fenced in, another part runs along the creek and has a nice spot to go down and play in or around the water. Anyway, we had missed the main food because it started while we were in church. We invited Blaire and Andrew over to have a grill out at our house. They stayed until Aiden got tired and had to go for a nap. I will try to bring my camera next time to get some pictures of the new trail.
I tried to get a picture of Julia and Aiden playing but they turned to watch James when I was taking the picture.
James wanted me to take a picture of the face he drew using this kentucky coffee bean.
Julia thinks it is great fun climbing up to James' top bunk.

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Katie said...

James' Kentucky coffee bean looks like a slug! haha