Out with the old & In with the new

The old coupon system!

The new coupon system! And yes it was very tedious putting 350+ coupons into individual slots. I am thinking about doing a new business venture in which I will have to be very efficient in couponing. So I am trying out this new system to see if it will work better. I asked Jim what he thought about my new coupon book and he said, "It scares me!" I will have to post a video when I am all done putting it together.

Julia was very intent on coloring her hand until I snapped this picture.

Feeding her baby


Abbi said...

I hope your new coupon system works for you. I haven't seen anything yet that I think would work perfectly, oh well.

Melissa said...

I tried that sytstem but it did not work for me. I now am keeping the coupons whole and filling them by week I will post my before and after soon. Hope it works for you!!!

Bridgett said...

How do you find a coupon when you are shopping and come across an unadvertised deal? Part of the reason I changed was that I was missing alot of unadvertised deals because my coupons were all bunched together and I didn't realize that I had a coupon for that deal.

Melissa said...

I look through the coupons often enough that I usually remember what I have. Look at my new post and you will see what I am doing now. I don't do a lot of unadvertized deals because I don't come across them very often