Misc. stuff

I am still clearing the attic and I have to get it done by Wednesday. Jim has gotten alot done on the deck. He will probably work on it one more time then be done until next year. There is only one more side to finish. I will get a picture when he finishes up for the year. The sale of my dad's store is happening thursday. It will be weird for them not to own the store anymore. My dad says he will probably have to be reminded not to just grab a soda or something and walk out. My mom says she will need help learning how to grocery shop because she has not had to do it for about 13 years. I have been doing alot more selling online recently. Mostly because everybody seems to be downsizing or cleaning out.

Jim was coming home for lunch and saw these horses going down the road. He came home, grabbed Rachel and took her to look at them.

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