Is anyone familiar with these??

We took a walk on saturday and it was right around Rachel's nap time. She was a little fussy so I told her to look for some "treasures". Here are a few of the things that we wanted to identify. I am not 100% positive on any of these so if you are familiar with them please let me know.

Bean pod from a Kentucky coffee tree. You can roast and grind the beans and use as a coffee substitute.

Pokeweed berries (ink berries). Poisonous in the fall but used in early spring. Must be boiled several times to remove toxins.

Dogwood Tree Berries?? Not sure about this one at all.

Woody nightshade berries. Very poisonous!

I give up on this one. I was hoping it was some kind of wild blueberry but I'm pretty sure that it's not.

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