Shopping 8/02

Earlier in the week I had gotten a $25 gift card for using their pharmacy for a new RX. The prescription itself was only 10.99 because it was only 1 pill for Jim's upcoming oral surgery. I have to say also that our cvs has a very good and friendly pharmacy staff. So anyway, now I have this gift card to spend. I did get the DVD picture movie that was free after ECB's. I took many of the pictures from my blog and used those for the DVD. Rachel absolutely loves to watch it. Here is what I got on saturday's trip.

1 johnson baby wash
1 childrens advil
4 feminine products
1 asprine (my free gift for August)

Total spent 9.10, which I put on my gift card, I didn't want to use my ECB's since my lowest denomination was 9.99. I received back 15.78 in ECB's.

Price Chopper 8/02

2lbs green beans
5 ears of corn
pie crust
4 pk yogurt
12 toothbrushes (I will be selling most of these)

Before coupons 44.78
Total paid 12.63

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