Over the weekend

We found a good deal on a van and purchased it on saturday. I have always wanted a Town & Country van but never thought I would get one because they are usually expensive. We were able to get a great deal on this one because the woman is moving to NYC next week and needed to get rid of it fast. Plus she scraped up the side of it recently and that will have to be fixed. There is no rust though and it drives great. I especially enjoy all the features that it has. Our old van was pretty basic. However I learned that I shouldn't try them out while driving. I was sitting in the drivers seat, not driving yet, and I said, "hmm I wonder what this button does." Well I pushed it and all of the sudden the seat started moving forward and up and I was right against the steering wheel. I guess it was a memory position button for the seat. On Sunday Jim had alot going on. All of the men that normally preach were gone this week. So he taught the adult class and preached his first sermon. He did a great job just like I knew he would! I am proud of him because I know it takes alot of courage to do something like that. Especially since he has had no schooling or training for preaching. After church we decided to go out to eat as a family. This is our second time going to a "real resturant" as a family. Jim had planned money in the budget for him and I to go out this month, but it was nice to go as a family. Anyway, our anniversary is coming up and we usually go to our favorite resturant for that. This coming wednesday Jim has his oral surgery. I will be driving him since he will be out of it with the sedatives that he is going to take. He is pretty nervous about it but he figures that after putting it off for 10 years that it needs to be done. I don't blame him for being nervous though, he doesn't exactly have good childhood memories about dental work. I am looking forward to shopping at CVS this week because I will be getting some great deals. Sorry about the rambling nature of this post. God bless!

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Christine said...

Nice van. Congratulations!