Family Day

On Saturday we started out by going to the Home Depot workshop for kids. We purchased some materials needed for the deck railings while we were there. Then we went blueberry picking which the kids really enjoyed. After that we stopped by the lake to do a geo cache. We didn't end up finding the cache, but we did find a really nice secluded spot to have a day camp. After that we went for a swim in the lake. We stopped for ice cream on the way home. By the time we got home it was time for baths and bed. After the kids went to bed I went out shopping at Price Chopper and CVS. When I came home I made a blueberry pie for the church picnic on Sunday. Jim had to teach class so he was busy studying while I was shopping and baking. By the way, I really need to start making my own crust because the store bought kind is just not very good. Anyway, we had a very fun and busy day.

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