8 pkgs baby wipes
1pkg diapers
3 sunblock
1 facial cleanser
1 baby advil
1 alavert
1 gum (filler because I calculated wrong)
Total before coupons 55.43
21.77 ecbs spent
18.79 ecbs earned
0.75 spent oop
I had used my last diaper so I needed more desperately. I had to change two of my transactions while shopping and that cost me some savings. I wouldn't have paid anything if I had calculated them right. I know that 3 ecb's and .75 cents for all these things is a great deal, but it's just the principle of it. I will have another trip later this week when the rest of my coupons come in. Jim had a couple of guys over for Risk last night since I had to make an evening CVS run.

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