Outside projects

This is the stump left from a 70' pine tree that fell during a windstorm last year. I thought I had a before picture somewhere but I guess not. Anyway, it was very ugly because it had torn up a big chunk of ground and left bare roots sticking out. We will probably get it removed but not this year. So in the meantime I chopped the roots back and filled it in with dirt. You can't really see the plants very well because I trimmed them down, but I planted day lillies, Asiatic lillies, and green plants with yellow blooms (don't know the name).

This the pit from the apple tree that we took out a couple of years ago. I wish that I had a before picture for this because it was a big disaster. Jim cleared out all the big stuff earlier this year. I finished it up by getting the smaller stuff cleaned up. There was one very large rock that we couldn't get out so I put a tire over it and filled it with sand and the kids love it. I would like to put some wood chips or something down also but I don't know if that will happen.

Another thing we have gotten into this year is geo caching (using a GPS system to find a "treasure" placed by other geo cachers). This is one techno activity that is nice for the whole family. We went on a couple over the weekend. The first one we ended up walking for two hours because we had the wrong coordinates in. The cache ended up being only about a mile from our house. Oh well, it was fun spending time with the family. The second one the girls and I had to bow out early because the trail got very rocky and we didn't have the baby carrier with us.

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