Nice sales last week

At Price Chopper I got $96 of groceries for $32, and after I sell a few items it will bring it down to about $20. CVS had some good sales also. Here is some of what I got:

6 shave gels
1 razor system
1 pk. diapers
4 deoderant
2 drinks
1 shampoo
1 conditioner

I paid out 19 ecb's and received 18 ecb's back. I will receive $14 from selling some of the items so it makes a profit of $13. And it is a good thing because I didn't find anything great on sale for this week.


Katie said...

When you buy and sell, do you mean you buy something on sale and then sell it back to them and get what would have been the normal price and that is how you make your profit? I have been reading your blog for awhile and couldn't figure out how you make the store bucks.

Bridgett said...

No I don't sell it or return it back to them. That would be kind of unethical. I sell my extra items to my dad's store. The "store bucks" or ECB's come from CVS. It is an incentive program that they have. They offer them on different products each week. When you purchase the product you receive your ECB's and you can spend them at the store on future purchases. So what I do is build up the ECB's and then only buy ECB products so I rarely have to pay out any cash.