Just wondering...

Is anyone reading this???

I had thought about discontinuing our blog because of the lack of readers but I decided against it. I enjoy recording the events of daily life. And I'm not even sure if it's possible, but I am going to try to save my blog on disks to view in the future.

Ok with that said...Yesterday we were able to get out and walk because the rain stopped. We walked to the library, then to the grocery store. It was very nice and relaxing, except toward the end when James was getting tired out. I was excited about my shopping trip because my bill was $53 and I spent $11. Here is what I got.....

8 bags of New England coffee
4 ears of corn
4 pk of yogurt
2 suave shampoo
1 shave gel
1 bottle of creamer

I will be getting $20 back from selling some of these items. That makes a profit of $9. Woohoo!!


Venessa said...

Ok - so I don't comment much but I do faithfully read your blog and love reading it! ( : I feel like I am getting to know you much better through this and now when I come to the retreat next weekend - I am going to be able to chat with you more because I know you a little more... I am kind of excited about that! You always seem really quiet and shy but you seem to love blogging and write interesting posts - by reading your posts I would never know that you are a quiet, shy person!! Anyway - I do love your blog. And posting your menus is a great idea - especially for me since I need new recipe ideas. I seem not to have much time for menu planning but with gas prices and food prices going up I need to get a little more organized with that! So I might just use some of your ideas. I did just learn of a new recipe place online: recipezaar.com You might want to check it out. Have a great evening! See you soon. Venessa

Melissa said...

I look at your blog about every other day sometimes daily. I enjoy reading about your savings and money making. It keeps me encouraged to use my coupons. I also like your idea of the weekly menu. I think I could save a lot more money if I used one. Don't stop doing your blog!!

Abbi said...

You are doing great on your shopping! I am trying to work harder at that again lately, I seem to have my ups and downs.

By the way I do read your blog and enjoy it. Sometimes I get busy and don't get to read many blogs for a while, but I do enjoy reading them when I do have some time. It has been fun for me to find other christians blogs across the country (some of longtime friends and some like you that I don't know so well) that gives me a chance to get to keep in contact with and be encouraged by and hopefully at times encourage.

I do understand the feeling that no one is reading. It is so much more fun when others comment! If you add a Statcounter (its free) to your blog you can know how many people are visiting which is fun. (I have a button on my site which will take you to where you can sign up.)
Another thing, would it be all right to put a link to your blog on mine? I like to ask first because I know not everybody wants just anybody visiting their blog.
Have a great Sunday!

Tricia said...

I really hope you continue the blog. I so love seeing all of your pictures and keeping up with what's going on with you guys. I miss Jim and wish I could see you all more often, so this definitely helps.

Bridgett said...

Thanks for your comments. I really don't expect people to comment everytime they visit. I just wanted to see if I still had some readers. Venessa - it has always been easier to express myself in writing or to close friends and family. If Jim needs something written, he usually asks me to do it for him. Abbi- I also enjoy reading other christian's blogs even if I don't know them. That would be nice if you would put a link on your blog. Thanks. Melissa- I have enjoyed that we have become a little closer because of our babies and blogs. Tricia- I'm glad you still read the blog. I enjoy reading yours when you update it. =)

Christy said...

I'm enjoying your blog regularly. You do such a great job and it makes me feel like I know what's going on with you. Usually, I'm hurrying to read all the blogs updates before I have to find what Levi's into. :) Your newest post...your yard...it looks great!! How fun.


Jessica Hays said...

I just found your blog because of Venessa. I think it is interesting too - don't stop! (^_^) What do you mean when you say you "sell some items?" I don't know anything about that! Thank you that you not only work hard to save money but that you share it with others in need! You inspire and challenge me.


Bridgett said...

Thanks Christy, it was actually kind of fun doing it.
Jessica- I'm glad you like the blog. Believe me, I need inspiration and motivation just as much as anyone, doing this blog helps me with that. As far as selling things, I sell to my dad's store. Most people don't have that option but you could sell at a yard sale or something. I have seen people do that.