What works for you?

The pictures have nothing to do with this post, but they make it more interesting. Anyway, here is my dilemma. Sibling rivalery, does anybody have suggestions on what has worked for you in this department? I not only want my kids to stop arguing, but to actually treat each other with love and respect. They do love each other and have fun, but it seems like they are getting into the habit of arguing over everything.


Christine said...

Hi Bridgett,
When the boys were younger and I caught them being unkind, I made them do 2 or 3 nice things for that person. They had a few moments to think about what they were going to do and then had to do them right away. It really worked for me.

Christine said...

P.S. those pictures of Julia are priceless!

Bridgett said...


Thanks for the comment. That is a really good suggestion because it gets the focus off the arguing and makes them think about good things. This is actually something that I have tried a few times, but I was not consistant enough with it. I have started it up again and hopefully I can stick to it.