Diaper savings

There wasn't much for great sales at CVS this week. They did have a good deal on diapers and wipes though. So far this week I have gotten 3 packages of diapers and 3 packages of wipes. I didn't pay anything out of pocket but it did cost me 11 of my extra care bucks.


Melissa said...

What was the deal this week on the diapers??

Bridgett said...

The deal is: Buy $20 worth of playskool products and get 5 ECB's. I bought 2 @ 10.99 each. Used 2 2/1 coupons, and a 3 off $15 coupon. Then paid the remainder in ECB's and received 5 back. That makes the diapers 4.99 each. I sold a couple of things from that trip to make them a bit less. The next time I find diaper deals I will try to get the coupon links for you. But I think the links to this deal are expired.