wednesday's trip

Julia had an eye appointment in Burlington yesterday. They wanted to check her eyes because they weren't quite straight when she was newborn. Everything was fine, she just outgrew it. I am so glad that Jim had taken the day off because I had just come down with the flu on tuesday. It would not have been fun with three kids on a four hour trip by myself.

The doctor had dilated Julia's pupils to check them and it was a nice, very sunny day out. So of course the sun bothered her eyes. After the appointment we went to Dick's to buy me some new shoes. I actually bought the first pair I tried on, that was different. We went to Border's after that, Jim took the kids in and I changed Julia diaper in the van. Then something happened that puzzles me. I got out of the van and closed the door while trying to shield the sun from Julia's eyes. I heard a thump and Julia's leg went out, so I assumed she kicked her leg and hit the van. She started crying and wiggling and I thought it was because of the sun in her eyes. But then I noticed blood on my hand. I looked down her foot was dripping blood. After taking care of it in the van I surveyed the damage. The front of her toes were all scraped up and she had a pretty big cut on the bottom of her little toe which was bleeding pretty badly. Thankfully I had a small bandaid in the van. I have no idea what happened to cut up her toes like that. The only thing I can think of is maybe I closed her toes in the door while trying to shield her from the sun. But even that seems unlikely because she didn't cry when I shut the door. And you would think that I would know if she had her toes in the door. Anyway, I included a picture of her poor toes and somewhat still dilated eyes. Oh yeah and I got blood on my new shoes 5 minutes after putting them on.

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