My new sit n stand stroller

I really do have a method to my coupon madness. I was actually saving up to buy a sit n stand stroller. These are great if you have a baby and a little one that likes to walk, but gets tired out after a while. The baby rides up front and there is a bench seat in the back as well as a platform to stand on. So the older child aka Rachel can jump on and ride for a while if she gets tired of walking. Anyway, it's an entirely great stroller.

So here I am saving for all I am worth. Jim has been asking me for updates on how much I have saved. Well, he came home for lunch on thursday and gave me a great surprise. He had ordered me one a week and a half earlier. It was so sweet of him!!

However, when we set it up we found the jump seat was cracked so we are in the process of trying to get another one. I was disappointed, but we did go for one walk with it and it rained the rest of the weekend so it wasn't so bad.

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