cvs savings

Here are my numbers from fri. 4/4- thur. 4/10

-6.51 spent out of pocket
-68.00 spent in ECB's
+80.00 earned in ECB's
+40.00 sold items
+5.00 back from caregivers marketplace

= 50.49 profit for me yea!
215.85 saved (their numbers off the receipts)

I did not keep alot of what I purchased but did end up with the following. Two packages of Huggies, one hair styling goop, one excedrin migraine, and one cvs pain relief.

And now for a bit of useless information. I stopped by a yard sale on friday and met a fellow coupon fanatic. I looked at what she was selling and asked if she did couponing. She said yes, it's the only way to buy things.

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