My awesome handyman

My husband works hard for us, especially during this past week. On thursday he came home for dinner at 5pm then headed up to my parents to fix his brakes. He got back home at about 10pm, then woke up the next morning at 5am to go clean the store. He headed to work at 8am after that. The next morning he had to wake up at 6am to clean the store again. We had a late breakfast after that and went to my parents so he could do the van brakes. The kids and I did some grocery shopping then came home at about 5pm. Rachel had gotten some sidewalk chalk from grandma while we were out. So we wrote some messages for Jim on the front steps. Jim ended getting home around 7pm. On sunday he fixed my baby gate for me and installed it at the top of the stairs. Monday, he came home for lunch and fixed my vaccuum. I am so proud of him for providing for our family!!

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