Grilling in the snow

I had given up my plans of grilling out friday night because of the snow. Well Jim just shrugged his shoulders and said, "why not, it will be fun."
On a different note, I got $146 worth of groceries from Price Chopper for $47 this weekend. All I have to say is woohoo!!
Then on another different note. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good bible-based book to use for a ladies study group at church?


Esther said...

Max Lucado has one that we used in a ladies class here. It's called "Experiencing the Heart of Jesus". It has 5 days per chapter, so it requires individual study at home during the week. I really enjoyed it. I've thought about doing it again on my own.

Bridgett said...

Thanks Esther, I'll check it out.

Katie said...

That looks like fun. It is very Jimmish. =) I must say it is easier to grill in snow then in the rain. We just got a little grill too. But it has been raining for a week now.