Fun questions

  1. Why were you given your particular name?
  2. If you were to choose a new name for yourself, what would it be?
  3. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  4. What is your favorite thing to do?
  5. What was the best day of the past week for you - why?
  6. How would your friend describe you to someone who has never seen you?
  7. When you have an hour of free time, what do you like to do?
  8. Share one of your most embarrassing moments.
  9. What are you wearing today which is most reflective of who you are?
  10. What’s one of your worst habits?

I am curious to hear some of your answers. If you choose to participate please leave your answers in a comment. Mine are in there!


Bridgett said...

1. It went with Barbara which is my grandmothers name.
2. Something traditional
3. 4 brothers 1 sister
4. spend time with my family
5. saturday, went on a date with Jim
6. quiet
7. read a book
8. I was about 21 and I knocked down 3 shelves filled with crystal stuff at tjmaxx
9. comfortable clothes, I can get more done when I am comfortable
10. emotional eating

Melissa said...

1. The first time Dad heard the song Sweet Melissa by The Almond Brothers he loved the words and he said that is going to be my daughters name.
2. I have never thought about it. I have always liked my name. Most likely I would choose something old fashioned.
3. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.
4. I love watching my son grow and learn.
5. Autumn came to visit. It was great to get to see her before she moves. Also we had the house to ourseves because Bruce worked all weekend.
6. Full of energy.
7. Go on-line and I have been doing the 52 studies in my free time.
8.I could not remember anything so I called my sister. I was sleeping on the couch and I sat up and yelled I need my over over shirt. There were a few other people around and I did not live that down for months. To this day I am not sure what an over over shirt is.
9. Khakis and a polo. I try to be neat most of the time.
10. Playing with my food.( I mess around with my food at dinner and it gets cold. Then I have to reheat it. Thank God for microwaves. Bruce picks on me about this often. )

Venessa said...

This is not an answer to that ? yet... I will try to post that later. I have a ? for you! I need more info on how you save so much and where you find coupons. I am most intrigued but it has to be something that doesn't require much time from me because I don't have a lot of that!! ( :

So what happened at TJMaxx after your shelf disaster? Was it your fault? That would be very embarrassing and everyone knows!!

Bridgett said...

Here is a quick summary. The most time consuming part was trying to figure everything out. The 3 coupons sources I use are,, and ebay(good price for already clipped coupons). Drug and grocery stores usually give you the best coupon deals. You will have to call and see which ones take internet printed coupons and which ones double or triple. At the beginning of each week I go to the store's website and look at their weekly sales ad. Usually you can get things very cheap or free if you combine sales with coupons. It will vary how much you save from week to week. Other than the initial work, it only takes about 15-20 mins per week to make my lists. I also use a coupon organizer. I have a slot for each store (to hold shopping list and relevant coupons). Then I organize my other coupons alphabetically by brand in 5 other slots. Anyway, it took me a bit of research to come up with my system. You just have to figure out what will work for you. As for my embarassing situation, it was an accident but I guess it was my fault. I had picked up a glass item. When I went to put it back down, the top which was a glass ball fell off. I didn't even realize it was not attached. Anyway, it hit the edge of the glass shelf. It seemed like I was watching in slow motion. The glass shelf loaded with stuff fell off its brackets and hit the next glass shelf. Which in turn fell and hit the bottom glass shelf. All of which were just LOADED with all glass items. I felt my face go from red to just pure white. It took years before I could go back into that store. The very first time I did go back I made myself go past the glass section. And I kid you not, everything started to vibrate. It really startled me until I realized it was probably a train going past on the nearby tracks. =)

Venessa said...

Thanks for the info -

My answers to your ??s

1. I was named after your mom! Only my mom thought her name was spelled Ve so I am Ve instead of Va!

2. I like my name - but I like original names.

3. 2 brothers and 1 sister

4. Spend time with my family or friends.

5. Saturday eve. I got to spend quality time with my friend Amy.

6. friendly and outgoing

7. These days - maybe sit and do absolutely nothing!! ( : Actually I can think of many things - stamping, scrapbooking, reading etc!

8. Funny me - I really can't think of anything - but I know I have had them!

9. casual dress - but if I get to just hang out at home -- comfy clothes definitely!

10. stressing over small stuff - which of course doesn't seem small at the time! ( :

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would leave a message on my wife's blog to see if she notices...

1. James is my dad's first name
2. Jack... sounds like a cool cowboy name
3. 4 sisters
4. Dream... Dream BIG! then thank God for what I have.
5. Saturday, I got to spend some time alone with James
6. The most outstanding and well rounded manly man that you will ever meet. Not to mention his incredibly good looks!
7. Read the news and sports.
8. I cried more at our wedding that my father in-law, mother in-law, my dad, my mom, and my new wife... All combined!
9. White socks, they don't go with everything, but they are what they are.
10. Popping my knuckles.

There you have it. That's me in a nut shell. You now know more about me than my kids do.

Christine said...

1. I don't know. I think my parents just liked it.
2. Christine - I love my name
3. 1 brother, 3 sisters
4. Laugh with my kids, photography
5. Saturday - because Sara had her Destination Imagination performance. I was so proud.
6. Short and crazy
7. Edit photos
9. Lime green capris and black socks. If anyone saw me right now, this would be my most embarrassing moment.
10. Correcting grammar

Bridgett said...

Dear husband,

Of course I noticed your comment! But I think you forgot some things on #6. Here is my list for you. Godly, money-wise, great husband & father, handsome, funny, good personality, smart, manly, cheerful, and so on...I think though that you should have added HUMBLE to your own list on #6. =)