I love fridays because I get my weekly allowance for grocery and household items. Then I can go out and do some coupon shopping. So after getting ready, finishing our chores, and picking up James from school we go shopping. Well, as we were leaving my dad's store, the brakes on the van gave out. They had been grinding for about a week. Jim had just done his brakes, which were grinding for two weeks, on thursday evening. Jim to leave work so we could get the van up to my parents garage. We were stuck without a car, but because it was a nice day we were able to walk. We went to the library, the dollar store, and Price Chopper. The kids had a great time walking, it took us about an hour to get to all the stores. You might be impressed that we walked for an hour, but really it was all within a mile or so. It just took forever because James had to climb every snow bank, pick up every stick, and splash through every mud puddle. And Rachel had to copy everything that James was doing. They also love to play the stop and go game. When I say stop, we see who can stop the quickest. I started doing this to teach Rachel that she needs to stop quickly whenever I say to stop. Well anyway, we had a fun time walking around town and getting some fresh air.

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