Autumn's going-away party

Joanna, Autumn, & Emily

Autumn & Rachel

James & Isaac

Autumn & James

Autumn & Julia


Venessa said...

When is Autumn leaving and where is she moving? I had heard that she was moving but that's all. I love that you do a blog because it helps me feel like I know you a little better! I haven't ever gotten much chance to spend with you so this is nice. ( :

Bridgett said...

Autumn is moving on the 24th to Denver. She has a boyfriend there which I am pretty sure has something to do with her move. I am glad you like reading the blog, I enjoy doing it.

Christy said...

I hadn't heard Autumn was moving either. Is it the Nimitz boy? I'm loving your blog too!! You do a great job.

Bridgett said...

Yes, she is dating Quentin Nemitz. Anyway, you were the one who inspired me to start a blog. I love it sooo much more than paper journaling!!