Organizing and reducing expenses

I have been researching ways to use coupons at local stores to save money. Thankfully, we are able to get the majority of our groceries from my dad's store where the prices are already cheap. For the remainder of the items I can view weekly sales ads then print out applicable manufacturers coupons. For example one of the items this week is the 32oz coffemate creamer that we buy. Instead of paying 3.29, I will end up paying .49 for it. Anyway, I hope to streamline this system so I will only spend about 5 minutes making my lists online and printing them out. Today it took about 30 minutes because it was the first time. Jim gives me $80 per week for food which includes any eating out. So basically our eating out consists of pizza on Friday's. I hope to reduce our grocery bill by $20 each week.

Something else I am trying to streamline is the clothing system for the kids. I do have a system already in place, but it is very sloppy. I buy most of the kids clothing at yard sales and thrift store bag sales ($10 for a garbage bag full). I purchase a few items for their current sizes, then whatever I can for the next season in larger sizes. I have been just storing them in garbage bags in their closets. This week I cleaned out one of the closets so I can put shelves and baskets to hold their larger clothes. Also, I will have small tubs for each child so I can put away their clothes as they grow out of them. Right now I just clean out their dressers every so often, put them in garbage bags and store them in the attic.


Christine said...

How on earth do you buy groceries for a week (and pizza) for $80?

Abbi said...

Hi Bridgett,
I have never met you but have met several members of your family and heard a lot about you from Christy (Cobb) Davidson. I saw your link on Katies blog.
I hope all goes well with your lowering your grocery budget. That is something that I have been working on as well. I have been enjoying learning how to use coupons with sales too. I was greatly inspired by the blog: .
Kids clothes can be a big job. I have a similiar system but I store them in boxes on the shelves in the kid's closets and then I try to label them with the approximate age range and sex. It helps to be able to find the right stuff quicker for me.
Abbi Cobb

Katie said...

You both are amazing! You inspire me. I just wish we could get coupons here. Groceries are going up. It is costing almost as much as it does in the states, minus coupons and sales. Ukranian people don't understand sales yet.

Bridgett said...


Thanks so much for the website tip. It really helped me organize my thoughts and develop my own system. I have already been reading your blog which has also inspired me. I got the link from Christy's blog. You are right we have never formally met, but I do remember seeing you at a rally that I attended in Iowa years ago.