My $13 shopping spree

I am beginning to really enjoy the whole bargain shopping experience. At first it was very overwhelming trying to figure everything out. So after alot of research and a helpful link from Abbi Cobb, a system has finally come together. I will share my first experience because it was fun and exciting.

10 cosmetics items (normally priced 3.99 - 6.99ea)
2 chapstics
1 bodywash
1 set of earrings & necklace
1 necklace
1 stuffed dog for James
1 stuffed bear for Rachel


Friday's shopping trip should include 4 packages of Huggies and laundry detergent for around $14.00


Melissa said...

How do you get 4 packages of Huggies and laundry soap for $14. I spend a lot more than that on diapers. I would love to spend less.

Bridgett said...

I will let you know after I make the purchase. I just want to make sure everything come out right first.