Jim is leaving this afternoon for a men's retreat. He and Jordan are going and they will not be back until saturday evening. I already miss him and he is not even gone yet. I planned a last minute ladies day here at the house so hopefully the time will go by fast.

The kids are sick again with colds. Julia is teething also so she hasn't been sleeping at night. This morning I just had to chuckle (a very tired chuckle). All the kids were up at 5am for some reason or another. That is probably why I don't have any pictures to post. Have you ever seen a cartoon picture of a woman with hair sticking up, bathrobe on, and droopy eyes with a baby in her arms. That is exactly how I feel this week. Bring on the coffee!!

Yet for some reason instead of going to sleep early last night, I had an urge to bake banana bread. I tried adding raspberries to the bread, it turned out pretty good I think. Jim and Jordan get the muffins, and the loaf will be for my ladies party. Well gotta run, Julia just woke up from her nap. God bless!!

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