Proud Moments

The other day James was being grumpy and mad. I was kind of frazzled that day so I just asked him why he was acting like that and then left it at that. About five minutes later he came up to me and said, "I am sorry I had a bad attitude mom, will you forgive me?" Then he gave me a hug and said he loved me. Being a mom is just the greatest thing in the world. Of course later in the day I may be saying that through gritted teeth.

This morning James put away all the clean clothes, picked up his dirty clothes, and cleaned his room without being asked. Then he told me he would finish his chores after school. He has daily chores but I don't expect them done until after school and he usually has to be reminded.

It makes me think about how our Father in heaven must be so glad when we make the right choices in life. And how frustrating it would be for Him to see us make the wrong ones. It's funny how raising children seems to make you grow up faster than anything else.

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