Hunting Camp

Once again the guys braved the elements and roughed it up on the mountain. All they brought were the clothes on their backs, tent, woodstove, cots, 5" memory foam, sleeping bags, food, chairs..... Well come to think of it they didn't really go without much. They were able to enjoy some venison this year. Sounds exciting until they tell you it was brought frozen from last year. They did actually see some deer this year but a couple were doe and the other was just a glimpse.

They did have fun up there, but poor James missed out on alot of it. He and Jim spent thursday night and part of friday up there. They came home to say hi and go back up. I noticed James' cheeks were red so I felt his forehead. He ended up having a fever of 102. So he wasn't able to go back up on friday night. However, they did have alot of fun hiking and stuff on thursday.
The kids and I headed up to my mom's on friday night. She was having a thing for the ladies since the guys were gone. We had some yummy homemade veggie pizza. We had to leave after an hour because Rachel was so tired and cranky.

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